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Friends of the Saskatchewan Archives - Member Stories

From time-to-time this Blog will share stories shared from members of Friends of the Saskatchewan Archives via their "Interim Gopher" Bill Armstrong. Cheers,  Cameron "Greetings, Gopherites. The interim gopher has a mixed bag for you in this missive. First, it's always a positive thing to recognize someone who is finding creative ways to teach the young 'uns, in and out of the classroom, and especially so when it comes to teaching history, which the gopher thinks has a bad reputation in this country. So, read on.. Next up, a small newspaper clipping from Allan Miller, who continues to comb through back issues of Ontario newspapers and pass on stories of folks with connections to this province. In this case, the brief article (attached) is a reminder that not all stories of those who came to Saskatchewan are success stories. As we approach winter,